R&D System for Dual-Stage Passenger and Driver Airbags


Audi & Bertrandt Testimonials

Mississauga ON Canada, 9 September 2009

Microsys Technologies Inc. has announced the release of an enhanced version of its popular airbag inflator replacement product. The Cold Gas System (CGS) is now available in a dual-stage configuration, making it suitable to replace dual-stage airbag inflators such as those commonly used in passenger and driver-side airbags.

The first company to take delivery of a dual-stage CGS is Bertrandt AG of Munich Germany, one of Europe’s leading engineering service providers for the automotive and aviation industries. BMW has contracted Bertrandt to perform an in-depth study of the CGS. According to Andreas Gräfnitz of Bertrandt, “The performance of the dual-stage Cold Gas System has been excellent and has even exceeded our expectations.”

Audi recently used the CGS to replace a driver side airbag in an out-of-position (OOP) condition. “We correlated the results against a pyrotechnic DAB. The results were very promising and we are further investigating how to increase the use of the CGS in the near future.” said Harald Krause of Audi.

The Microsys Cold Gas System was released as a single-stage unit in September 2007. Since that time, many of the world’s leading car companies have realized significant cost and schedule savings by incorporating the CGS into their research & development process. The CGS has also allowed for optimized product design by giving the engineer a test instrument with far more flexibility and better repeatability than the inflator it replaces. The CGS can replace pyrotechnic, compressed gas, and hybrid inflators.

Automotive Testing Technology International named Microsys the Crash Test Company of the Year in its 2008 awards, in recognition of the innovation the CGS has brought to the occupant safety industry.

For further information contact your local Microsys representative or visit the CGS page on the Microsys web site http://www.micro-sys.com/products/coldgas.htm


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