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At the heart of every Microsys SureFire test system is the most sophisticated and powerful high-speed event test software on the market today – SureFire.

Now in its 6th generation, SureFire is a highly configurable software package that comes in a variety of flavors:

SureFire can be configured by Microsys to control any or all of the following instrumentation:

  • high speed cameras with support for the most popular models
  • lighting, including crash light solutions, in-chamber lighting and more
  • data acquisition systems, including rugged on-board DAS and value-priced off-board solutions
  • squib output modules
  • facility safety interlocks
  • communication with fire control systems for barrier and sled facilities

For customers with multiple test labs or multiple test stations, SureFire offers an enterprise solution with numerous benefits, such as:

  1. Ensuring data compatibility between all test stations and the selected analysis software
  2. Simplifies the use of common data analysis tools such as PowerPlay
  3. Allows for common data management and distribution tools, such as PowerPlay.NET
  4. Facilitates cross-training of operators and technicians so that personnel may be flexibly deployed between labs or between test stations

SureFire test systems normally include the Microsys PowerPlay software. This powerful analysis application is specifically geared to analyzing test results that include high speed video imagery and high speed sensor data.

All Microsys SureFire Test Systems are designed to enable fully automated operation which results in more reproducible results and lower operating costs. Microsys test systems are also highly integrated, meaning that included in a Microsys test system is not only all of the required hardware, software and instrumentation, but also installation, training, documentation, diagrams, operating manual, comprehensive support, calibration report, consultation regarding room design and air bag test practices. These value-added services are part of what makes Microsys a top-tier supplier.

Major Features

Software Test Profiles: specify, save, and recall your product test parameters - Test designs can be saved under a unique name and recalled later for editing. A typical test design specifies many functions: enable/disable safety interlocks, select and configure the video cameras, select the desired sensors and configure the data acquisition system, select the number of squib pulses and configure their amplitude, duration and interval (see screen displayed here) and set a number of timer functions.

Interactive Mode: check before you test - Computer assisted control and readback of all hardware within the SureFire system for complete system verification prior to deploying airbags. Facilitates test compliance to QS 9000 and ISO 9000 requirements. Allows for quick and easy performance of maintenance and troubleshooting exercises.

Full integration of all instrumentation & facility control - All high-speed instrumentation in the test station is controlled by SureFire, so that operators can manage their work from a single computer. SureFire not only commands the high-speed cameras and data acquisition, it also controls the facility safety interlocks, photographic lighting, squib power supplies, temperature monitoring, squib resistance, and handshaking with fire control.

One button firing - The entire fire cycle is automated - including the high-speed video setup, data acquisition setup, thermocouple monitoring, safety interlock control and monitoring, triggering of squibs, retrieval of video and analog data, and all required pre & post test sequencing.

Image and test data are automatically downloaded, converted, and stored - Immediately after the test, the video images are downloaded from the cameras, color corrected, and saved in the format of your choice: TIFF, Bayer, JPG, BMP, or AVI. Up to two locations can be specified. Sensor data is also automatically downloaded and saved in ISO-13499 or ASCII format.

Integrates with your database - SureFire integrates seamlessly and transparently with MS Access, SQL Server or Oracle database. For lot acceptance testing, test results can be even be automatically communicated to a plant floor inventory control computer.

An upgrade path - SureFire can accept many add-ins.  Microsys adds more features all the time using a modular approach.  Add the capabilities you need when you need them to save capital dollars.  Add new hardware when old equipment can no longer perform to new standards.

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